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Best laptop for software developers

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Right now I have a Dell XPS 13 running CentOS Linux, but I'm getting fed up with Linux and might want to switch to Windows or Mac operating systems and buy a new laptop. Other software devs what do you recommend?

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That depends on what software you are doing. If you are doing data heavy tasks, then any i7 would be beneficial. If you are doing things that would benefit from GPU acceleration, then a Ryzen APU or Nvidia GPU would definitely help. If you do something that writes to a physical drive constantly then any SSD would do. If you do something like brute-force password cracking then you need a lot of memory.


With Mac, you have to pay the Apple penalty, higher price for weaker hardware but an in-between OS.

With Windows, you can run everything you want, but Windows 7/8/8.1 are dead (Windows 10 update logs actually point to security flaws they left in those), and Windows 10, beyond 1803 is not safe to use.

So... a laptop with an i7, Nvidia dedicated, SSD equipped, and boat load of memory is perfect for everything, no matter how intense.


If you want a more realistic answer, then an i3-6xxx+, SSD, 8GB+ RAM, would be adequate.




Something along those lines works, but a little more expensive gets an i5 version...



Apple computers of the same spec are roughly (by newegg) $1000 to $2000 so... try hackintosh

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I'm running an old i7 with 32gb of ram and a 100gb SSD for OS on windows 7 for as a media server / torrent box. It dumps all my files into a 20TB NAS. 

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