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Welcome to the Upfiring Community Forum!

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As the Upfiring community begins to grow, this forum will be instrumental in keeping the community updated and facilitating discussion. Please ensure you understand and read the rules of each subforum before posting - particularly the file-sharing subreddit. 


User groups are as follows:

  • 0 posts - New Member
  • 5 posts - Official Member
  • 50 posts - Advanced Member
  • 250 posts - Elder
  • 1000+ posts - Devine


We may add more user groups as needed in the future. When the Upfiring dapp launches, a member group of “Official Member” (5 posts) will be required in order to partake in the file-sharing subforum in order to mitigate spam. In the future, higher-level user groups will also grant users access to exclusive areas of the forum and will be taken into account when considering forum moderator applications. 


For now, enjoy the forums. Don’t forget to post a topic in the “Introduce Yourself” forum here: https://www.ufr.chat/forum/15-introduce-yourself/

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