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Sharing Upfiring Files - Rules

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After you have accumulated 5 posts on the ufr.chat forums, this subforum can be used to share or request Upfiring files from other users. All content shared in this channel must be the user’s original work or be copyright-free - piracy is NOT welcome here. This rule will be strictly enforced and failure to follow this rule will result in an automatic ban from the forum without warning. Users should report any instances of possible copyright violations to the administrators via personal message or email (support@upfiring.com) immediately. A good rule to follow - if you’re not sure if a file is against the rules, either ask an admin first or don’t post it. 

This is the only forum where Upfiring files may be posted. Do not post Upfiring files or links to Upfiring files in any other subforums besides this one. 

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