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  1. Mater's Tall Tales][2008] "If I lie, I'll get hit by a car! (If I'm lyin ', I'm cryin '.) ", this is the little trailer line (kangkang Taiwan) catchphrase. Despite his assurances, the story about him was always strange. For example, cable claims to have been a stunt star, a fire truck, a private investigator, an outer space trailer, a matador, a doctor, a drifter, a heavy metal singer, a wrestling champion and even an alien UFO. His story was so bizarre that McQueen didn't buy it. Still, it seems McQueen has always been a witness to those stories. Is the true? Is false? Forget about it. Just laugh along for the ride. Mater’s.Tall.Tales.ufr
  2. May I know the total supply of Upfiring token?