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  1. Hello, i added serveral ufr files but they dont download. I dont think that all that hosts are offline. Are there any known problems?
  2. Banhex

    WPA2 Wordlist

    699MB Big Human Wordlist for WPA2. WPA2 Wordlist.ufr
  3. The https://www.ufr.chat website is a bit slow for me. Do you have the same problems?
  4. Banhex

    Is there a UFR pirate bay yet?

    I`m more interested in a legal bay for original content 🙂
  5. Is there currently a website listing legal upfiring files?
  6. I think thats a great idea 🙂
  7. Hello, i have the Problem that i cant install any linux distro besides Windows 10. My Win10 is installed in UEFI mode. I m geting the error "unable to install GRUB in dummy". I googled a lot and it seems to be not possible to install GRUB loader if i have Win 10 in UEFI mode installed. Does anyone of you know a workaround? Thanks in advance!