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  1. Banhex

    Upfiring wont download

    Hello, i added serveral ufr files but they dont download. I dont think that all that hosts are offline. Are there any known problems?
  2. Banhex

    WPA2 Wordlist

    699MB Big Human Wordlist for WPA2. WPA2 Wordlist.ufr
  3. Banhex

    Slow website loading

    The https://www.ufr.chat website is a bit slow for me. Do you have the same problems?
  4. Banhex

    Is there a UFR pirate bay yet?

    I`m more interested in a legal bay for original content 🙂
  5. Is there currently a website listing legal upfiring files?
  6. Banhex

    Browse files being shared.

    I think thats a great idea 🙂
  7. Hello, i have the Problem that i cant install any linux distro besides Windows 10. My Win10 is installed in UEFI mode. I m geting the error "unable to install GRUB in dummy". I googled a lot and it seems to be not possible to install GRUB loader if i have Win 10 in UEFI mode installed. Does anyone of you know a workaround? Thanks in advance!