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  1. Easik

    Random Meme

    Just for testing mostly. I noticed most of the older files don't have a key associated with them. Random Meme.ufr
  2. Easik

    UFR will pass $5 by 2020

    That's technically only on this website. Since it's encrypted it technically could be used for anything.
  3. I'm looking into a conversion to something similar to this. The current system is monitoring user seed ratios and not ideal.
  4. I'm running an old i7 with 32gb of ram and a 100gb SSD for OS on windows 7 for as a media server / torrent box. It dumps all my files into a 20TB NAS.
  5. Easik

    Will people pay for torrents

    It could ultimately be free content. If you seed it enough, you may be able to view it without paying.
  6. Easik

    Download Software

    It's on https://www.upfiring.com/ Top right corner says download.
  7. Easik

    Hello and : Error downloading

    I am also getting the same error. I do see mention of making 5 posts to upload, maybe it's the same for downloading. **Edit* I hit 5 posts and can download now.