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  1. UFRHub is a community driven website. It is still in Beta but feel free to register and test it. All uploaded files will be automatically seeded to give better download speeds on powerful servers with 1 Gbps Full Burst Links - Cron jobs run once per 24h so please seed your uploaded files at least 24h after submitting it to the website. Current work in progress : Implementing Autofill ( based on the file information as seen on : - https://simp.io/ufr-viewer/ ) on the upload page and more file information ( File owner - Files count etc ) on the file download page. Additional Uploader`s users ratings system ( Currently it only has File rating system ) More specific file categorization And some other minor website improvements. More functions will be added later on, and if you have any suggestions feel free to post it here. Cheers.
  2. VirtualPurity

    Will people pay for torrents

    Users will upload for content that they will want to sell. Take Ebook sellers for example, much easier to spread and sell their products, software developers as well etc. But i still think there should be a free file sharing available on UFR. Thats the reason most people use these kind of service.
  3. VirtualPurity


    Nice post bumping