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  1. I've just uploaded my musical back-catalogue and am really excited about this project. The project is called Clockwork Radio and we're based in Manchester, you can listen to the tunes at http://www.clockworkradio.co.uk Clockwork Radio - No Man Is An Island.ufr Clockwork Radio - Ubuntu EP.ufr Clockwork Radio - The Soul Harmonic EP.ufr
  2. thesoulharmonic

    Price change feature?

    Will we be able to edit the UFR price of file downloads in the future? i can't seem to do it on the files I've uploaded so far.
  3. Hi there, I've just found out about Upfiring and downloaded the software, I have to say, out of a lot of blockchain applications I've tried, this really impressive. I'm a musician so I'm always looking for new ways to distribute music and share files. Will be really interesting to see how this progresses in the coming months/years.