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  1. Dede

    PrimaCora [0.05 UFR]

    I tried as well, I think that they aren't being seeded at the moment by the original poster
  2. Price: UFR 1 The Price Digital Painting.ufr
  3. Dede

    Hey everyone

    just made the 1st one! check it out
  4. Digital Painting titled "Lake House". Original content created in Photoshop. Price: 2 UFR Lake House Digital Painting OC.ufr
  5. It would be awesome to see upfiring files next to mirror links on popular torrenting websites.
  6. Dede

    Hey everyone

    Also been here since ICO. I know the team is going to deliver with an excellent project. Excited to see this community grow
  7. Hey All, I'm a moderator in the discord chat. Looking forward to seeing community growth and sharing of original content.