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  1. Just wondering if there will be an official site, something in the format similar to other torrenting sites, created officially by the Upfiring team. Or will the community decide to make their own sites?
  2. Alan Watts

    Where and how do we download the dapp?

    I downloaded the upfiring app setup.exe and I just get an error when trying to run it. What are all the other files for? I am on windows 10
  3. Diversifying is the key. Don’t spend more than u can afford to lose. Although ur safe with UFR I bet.
  4. I agree, I’m excited as hell to get the ball rolling
  5. Sorry if newb, I checked github, just can’t seem to find instructions!
  6. Alan Watts

    Just saying hello

    I hope we can make a large community here that’s helpful. Adoption is near. Still a long ways to go for mass adoption but anyone that can get involved is appreciated
  7. Alan Watts

    Hey everyone

    Same, been here since ICO