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  1. I have been a follower of Upfiring for about 4 months now,mainly as an investor but also as someone keen to start torrenting once again.I have about 16k ufr and cannot wait for the Dapp to go live any moment now.
  2. TorrentFixer

    Upfiring is now live on Blockfolio Signal

    What even is blockfolio all about? I hear a lot of talk about it but crypto's to say they have listed on blockfolio rave about it.It does not have any positive effect on their token prices.
  3. TorrentFixer

    Community projects are needed

    I don't have any skills but am willing to join any community project and learn the relevant skills needed.I want to be part of this community.
  4. Back in the 90's,i think,i used to download torrents all the time,because they were free.Will people pay for torrents now? This is the unknown.
  5. I am buying as much ufr as i can at these crazy cheap prices.so should you.
  6. TorrentFixer


    Hi everyone,i am glad i found Upfiring at these early stages of development.I am an investor and a torrented.We have some exciting times ahead.