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  1. Hi everyone, I have a couple STL files for AR15 magazines. Easily printable in most 3d printers. Includes 30, 20, 15, 10 round capacities as well as follower and floorplate. These files are completely legal to download and possess, but check your local laws before printing. States like New Jersey and California may only allow you to print the 10 rounder or nothing at all. The correct scale for Cura is 2540.03. Once completed, touch up the edges with a file and/or sandpaper. A little oil on the follower is recommended too. You can find springs at most sporting goods retailers, such as Brownells, for about $3 each. Functions flawlessly for me. -Dan AR15-3dprint-magazines.ufr
  2. reallyobvious

    PrimaCora [0.05 UFR]

    Hi Alpha, I tried downloading but it doesn't seem to be working. Is your client running? If it isn't, make sure these ports are open on your router and not blocked on your firewall. Also make sure your internet provider doesn't block the bittorrent protocol.
  3. This useful PDF provides 200 ways to resuscitate a dead or dying mechanical hard drive. 16 megabytes, 3UFR to decrypt 200ways-to-revive-a-hard-drive.ufr
  4. 127 wallpapers, mostly 1080p. A few oddball resolutions too. Very high quality. 70mb download, 3ufr to decrypt thanks all, Dan 1080pWallpapers.ufr
  5. reallyobvious

    Best dapp platform

    I've heard Vechain is good. But in my opinion, ethereum is plenty decent. By far the most users. In fact, if Upfiring wasn't the eth network I may not have gotten in to this project. I'm so familiar with it it's hard to go elsewhere.
  6. reallyobvious

    Feature roadmap

    I hope there are plans to support DHT and magnet links! 🙂
  7. reallyobvious

    Upfiring is now live on Blockfolio Signal

    I really like blockfolio, IMO it's better than Delta.
  8. reallyobvious

    Is it worth buying UFR at this price?

    Buy in before it's too late. this project is really undervalued. It'll be a few bucks by the end of 2019.
  9. reallyobvious

    Hi all

    Hi everybody, I just downloaded the dApp. Holy cow I am impressed. I've been following this project since February, but I've been torrenting for years. I was always one of those guys that had to have a 5:1 seed ratio or more. Anyways, I have a really nice collection of military field manuals. I was thinking about posting them in the file subforum, if that's okay. AFAIK it's not copyrighted, but it does have diagrams of weaponry and procedures, and whatnot. About 5.0GB. But I don't want to do anything in poor taste. Some of them are vintage too, which is cool. If I don't hear any loud "NO!" I'll post it soon: Anyways, that's just a little excerpt. I look forward to meeting you all! -Dan