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  1. I think the community will have to make their own sites, like with Bittorrent. They obviously can't make their own sites for FS for legal reasons. You can share legal files on the discord and here, though.
  2. SailorJeff

    Hello World!

    Welcome! Get a few more posts and start seeding some files in the Upfiring files section with the rest of us (I mostly do so via the discord, though).
  3. This is an ~80 million dollar market cap. Regardless of what Tron/BitTorrent does, people want incentivized P2P file-sharing, and Upfiring does it perfectly. We will absolutely see people using this dapp and setting it up to seed and make files available, so start accumulating UFR now! Even earning 5-10 UFR a week now from seeding in the dapp could turn out to be a big deal in a year or two.
  4. With the app in testing mode on mainnet, can the community access it and start testing it out (with small amounts of UFR, of course)? I think it would help speed things up and uncover any issues early on.