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  1. This movie is legendary. It is so bad that it is a must watch. Note: this movie is in the public domain Plan 9 from Outer Space 1959.ufr
  2. compass

    Windows 10 1909 x64

    This is the latest ISO for Windows 10 1909 x64. It's unlicensed, of course, you'll need to buy a key to activate it, but you can also keep using it without activating if you don't mind the nag. Windows 10 1909 x64 ISO.ufr
  3. compass

    Wiki Dump - 20th Feb 2020

    This is a dump of English language Wiki on 20th Feb 2020. Obviously, it may not interest you, but it's a large file and will be useful in testing out the 1.2 dApp. Wiki Dump - 20200220.ufr