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The Upfiring Dapp


  1. Upfiring Files

    For the first few months after release of Upfiring v1.0.0, users may share Upfiring files in this forum to facilitate early growth of the network. You must either be the original content creator or the content shared must be non-copyrighted - files posted here suspected of breaking this rule will be removed! 

    You may use this forum to post links to Upfiring files or request Upfiring files from other users. You will need an account in order to view this forum shortly after launch, and a post count of at least 2 in order to post here. 

    Report copyright violations to support@upfiring.com. 

  2. Dapp Questions and Answers

    Ask questions about the Dapp and get answers. All topics are welcome - how the Upfiring Dapp works on a technical level, questions regarding usage/features, and more. This area of the forum functions a little differently - it's a Q&A board, so the all answers can be upvoted or downvoted by users. 

  3. Suggestions, Feedback, & Bug Reporting

    Forum for discussing ways to improve the Upfiring Dapp. The development team will actively read this forum and take into account any suggestions & feedback, as well as work to fix any bugs reported here.